Vision Clinic Process

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GEM Vision Clinic Process


Muddy Hands

(From John 9:1-7)

In the poorest places, in the night and the day,

The blind and blurred are pushed away.

Black faces, brown pupils with fogged sight,

The young and old cry with the same plight.

Scorned and forgotten, given barely a glance,

Those who stumble in the light desire a chance.


Discounted by sin, and blamed to fate,

Our Messiah slowly approached the city gate.

He blamed not sin, but spoke of God’s plans,

Instead Jesus healed eyes with muddied hands.

To the pool the man went, eyes misty and glossy,

Veiled eyes cleansed, returned with sight to see.

“As long as I am in the world,

I am the light of the world.”

Jesus said then and to us today,

Reminding us of another way to pray.

While matching glasses and seeking God’s plans,

Sometimes we must muddy our hands.

-Ryan 2012



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