Ministry Opportunities

Washing the Donated Eyeglasses!  All of the donated eyeglasses must be washed and sterilized before being placed in the teams’ suitcases and that is easily done in the dishwasher.  Around 250 eyeglasses can be stacked and washed in the dishwasher at one time.


Jeremy & Lucas


Placing Donation Boxes!  We have GEM boxes just waiting for new locations.  If you take a box to a business, church, school, etc. we ask that you check on the box once a month & collect any eyeglass donations.



If you are local, we have GEM Work Parties and have lots of opportunities to volunteer!




Partner in Ministry with GEM as a Monthly Financial Supporter or whenever you can.  100% of all donations go directly into partnering with Christian churches to enhance their mission impact around the world.  All donations are tax deductible.

Visit our Donate page for more information.


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